VANCOUVER, Canada (October 24, 2018) - Honeymoon Software announces “Punlock”, an original word game for iPhone and iPad. Available for pre-order now on the App Store before release on November 20, 2018.

Punlock is an entirely new kind of word game. The game presents you with a padlock, but it doesn’t have a traditional combination dial: instead, letters are etched into concentric rings. Rotate these rings to arrange the letters into a word matching the theme. Punlock offers a challenge, but a fair one – and hints are available if needed.

Punlock starts you off with a free theme pack included with the download. There are no advertisements, so gameplay is distraction-free. Every 24 hours, a new free puzzle is available to download by opening the app. Once downloaded, you can play it at your leisure. Additional theme packs are available for purchase, including “Fruit”, “Animals”, “Sports”, and “Science”.

Punlock features high quality 3D graphics and animations paired with a minimalist UI. If you are using an iPhone 7 or above, you’ll feel subtle vibrations as you rotate the rings, via haptic feedback.

Punlock requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or above. An Internet connection is required only to download the daily puzzle and to make in-app purchases.

Honeymoon Software was founded in May 2018 with a focus on mobile games for all ages. Visit Honeymoon Software on the web at